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Easy to Use and Reliable Web Server

Web servers are an essential tool for website owners. This web tool's main job is to serve websites on the internet by acting as a middleman between the service and client machines. It pulls content from the server whenever a user requests it and delivers them to to the web. Apache HTTP is a web server software developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It is an open-source and free app that powers around 46% websites across the globe. When you need a reliable virtual delivery man for your website, this software is for you. 

The Apache HTTP Service

The biggest challenge of a web server is to serve various web users at the same time, each of whom requests different pages. In addition, web servers process files are written in programming languages such as PHP, Python, and Java. Web servers will need to turn them to static HTML files and serve them in the browser is a way that users will understand. 

Although Apache HTTP is a web server, it is not a physical server. It is rather a software that runs on a server. This app's main job is to establish a connection between a server and the browsers of website visitors, such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox and deliver files between them. When visitors want to load a page on a website, the browser they use will send a request to their server. Apache HTTP will then return a response containing all the requested files, including texts and images. While the server and the client communicate through the HTTP protocol, Apache will be responsible for the smooth and secure communication between the two machines.

Apache HTTP is a highly customizable web server which has a module-base structure. It has modules for security, password authentication, URL rewriting, caching, and more. The software also allows you to set up your configurations through a file called .htacces. These modules allow server administrators to turn additional functionalities on and off. 

Apache HTTP vs. Other Web Servers

While Apache HTTP is one of the most popular web servers of today, it has quite a few rivals and alternatives. And each of these server applications comes with a different purpose. Here we list some of these alternatives. 

Nginx is a new web server that has steadily gained popularity among website owners. It is an event-driven architecture that does not create a new process for every request. Instead, it handles all incoming requests in a single thread. This event-based model makes Nginx an excellent choice for managing a high-traffic website as it can do it by using minimal resources. In contrast, Apache HTTP users a thread-base structure that is prone to performance problems when used by traffic-heavy websites. However, for small and medium players, Apache HTTP is a better option as it offers easy configuration, lots of modules, and a beginner-friendly environment. 

Another web server that you may have encountered is Tomcat. This software is another product of the Apache Software Foundation and is an HTTP server as well. However, it powers Java applications instead of static websites. It has been created for Java apps while Apache HTTP is made for general purposes. While you can use Tomcat to serve static web pages as well, it is less efficient when compared to Apache HTTP. Tomcat is also less configurable compared to other web servers. 

Wrap Up

Apache HTPP is one of the most popular web servers available today. It is the most frequent choice of solopreneurs and small businesses who wish to have a presence on the web. And who wouldn't?  It allows you to run a secure website without causing too much of headache. The app also promises to run your website on a stable and versatile platform. It is flexible and configurable, allowing you to customize your use by adding other functionalities. What's more, it is free-to-use, so you can have your website running smoothly without additional cost. 


  • Free Even for Commercial Use
  • Reliable and Stable Software
  • Flexible Due to Its Module-Based Structure
  • Beginner-Friendly and Configurable


  • Prone to Performance Problems When Used on Extremely Traffic-Heavy Websites
  • Too Many Configuration Choices May Lead to Security Vulnerabilities

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Apache HTTP Server for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 2.4.51
  • 3.3
  • (346)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Apache HTTP Server

  • Irene Wangui

    by Irene Wangui

    accessibility is eased and quicker and it makes running websites smoother

  • Michael Karanja

    by Michael Karanja

    most appropriate for my working station,and all my system that i develop they require the Apache server


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